Benjamin Moore Paint & Stain

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Latex coating provides exceptional performance and protection in high-traffic areas in busy malls. SCUFF-X offers higher friction resistance than traditional two-component epoxy coatings, but does not present the constraints associated with similar products, such as the strong odor and the need for premixing. The product will withstand repeated cleaning without being damaged.

Residential Paint

Aura paint provides exceptional durability, hiding power, and significantly richer colors that retain their integrity even after multiple cleanings.

Benjamin Moore - Aura pour salle de bain

Designed specifically to provide a matte finish and optimal performance in high humidity environments such as bathrooms and spas.

Benjamin Moore - Natura Velour 513

Natura paint is the most environmentally friendly product in the Benjamin Moore paint line with zero VOC content and offers uncompromising performance and color choices.

Benjamin Moore - Regal Velour 549

Regal Select  is a superior quality paint that applies easily and evenly for beautiful results with a consistent, durable finish.

Benjamin Moore - Ben Velour 626

Ben interior paint with added acrylic has excellent application properties.

Benjamin Moore - Extra Mat plafond 508

Excellence starts at the top with Benjamin Moore ceiling paint. Specially designed for extra-matte finish ceilings with sufficient drying time to avoid overlapping marks.

Commercial Paint

Benjamin Moore - Eco Spec Velour 374

ECO SPEC is a Professional Grade Product. This product contains antimicrobial agents while meeting environmental standards.

Benjamin Moore - Utra Spec Peu Lust 537

This product is designed to meet the needs of contractors and managers of factories and buildings managers.

Specialty Paint

Benjamin Moore - Advance perle 792

ADVANCE Water Based Alkyd Paint offers the performance of an oil paint in a water-based formula that is easy to clean with soap and water. Its hydro-dispersible technology gives a durable and resistant finish.

Benjamin Moore - Apprêt STIX

STIX is an urethane acrylic primer sealer that has unmatched adhesion on the toughest surfaces including PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, and ceramics.

Exterior Stain

Benjamin Moore - Arbocoat Opaque 640

With to advanced water-based technology, ARBOCOAT stain is easy to apply and offers an incomparable protection to the exterior wood specialties.